Black Tiger is a manufacturing and beverages solution company in the UAE with a growing variety of products ranging from energy drinks to juices. We also provide copacking services to
help you create and market your very own product. With our experts taking pride in vast knowledge about import and export, we can get your goods to any place in the world.

Our Mission

To develop and produce the widest variety of beverage products and solutions that give quality taste and joy to the customers.

Our Vision

To become world-renowned exporter of beverage products in the Middle East and Europe.

Our Values

Efficiency and collaboration are only some of our core values. we are men of action; we make things happen, and make them your way. 

With 30 years of experience in import and export, we are capable of handling almost any goods across anywhere in the world!

Have an Idea but not too sure if it makes sense? We provide free-of-cost consultation with experts to give you insights that no other company can!

Whether you are buying our product or making your own with us, in this competitive market, we gaurantee to provide you and unbeatable price!

We strive to achieve client satisfaction through solid and timely communication and by aligning our core values to serve customers in the best manner!

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